Tuesday, March 24, 2015

In Class Exercise (3/24)

My topic is how will drilling in the arctic effect the ecosystem and wildlife within the Arctic

My major unresolved question that I am answering is are the benefits worth the multiple negative impacts on the ecosystem and wildlife that would occur if drilling ensued? I use data studies to support my stance that NO, it is not worth it, and YES the animals/ecosystem would be effected.

It is generally accepted that there are many different sides to this debate, and it is accepted that as of now, there will not be drilling within the Arctic as Pres. Obama vetoed the Senate-passed "Keystone Pipeline" bill. It is also accepted that liberals tend to want no drilling and republican conservatives tend to want to drill. A majority of scholars within the topic have all agreed - majority-wise - that drilling would not have enough significant benefits to the overall American population to make the negative effects worthwhile.

The data I am gathering helps me answer the question of 'how will drilling effect wildlife/ecosystem?'

Data planned on gathering - I looked into specific studies on the economics of drilling, the environmental issues/impacts that drilling would produce, and a social study about how bias effects people on their ideas about drilling in the arctic, and it supports the idea I am proving, that drilling would effect the wildlife and it would be negative. It explains what will happen and projects also what they think would happen, furthering my argument that drilling would be too destructive.

Project Site: http://helpthearcticc.weebly.com/ 
Hub Site: http://emmarei.weebly.com

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